About Us

Gagarin House – the first capsule hotel in Varna!
Gagarin House – the best location in the heartplace of the Bulgarian Riviera!
What we are
Gagarin House is an economy class guest house arranged in the modern concept of a capsule hotel. We, the team of Gagarin House, truly admire our place and want to share our best feelings with all of our guests.
We do our best to organize a cool, modern and friendly place for you to stay in the Old City of Varna. Hope you will enjoy your staying in our guest house.
Hey! Gagarin House is right here. Come on in and be our guest!
What is a capsule hotel
Small capsule hotels are becoming more popular not just in Asia, where they’ve been commercially successful for a long time now, but also in Europe. A few decades ago, small hotels rose to popularity in Japan, and now they’re also built in Russia, China, Netherlands and Germany. Now it is time for Bulgaria.
The concept is very rational. The first three things in mind of a general traveler are (in this particular order): 1. Reasonable price, 2. Comfort, 3. Service. A capsule hotel provides you the basic minimum for the minimal price in a simple manner. But what is the most important is that you can get the best location in town (usually central historic part) at a price of no more than 15 euros a night. Does it make sense? If you look forluxurious apartments perhaps no. But if you go for as much impression as possible regarding nature, cousine, history, people… If you want to taste the best places of the world with the tip of your tongue, sleeping a night in a good capsule bed could well be your choice!


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